Epi-no Ervaringen -


It’s worth it and I would definitely use it again!! I had a smooth uncomplicated labor and delivery and was very confident going into the whole situation because I had trained with the Epi-no. I had no drugs and did everything on my own. I was fully dilated two hours after my water broke. And only 3 pushes and 19 minutes later, Juliet arrived healthy and beautiful. Her APGAR scores were 9 and 10. I had absolutely no tearing or stitches. I did push on my hands and knees so that might have had something to do with not tearing as well. It was wonderful and my recovery was perfect. The midwife who delivered Juliet said that I did great and she was very happy with my delivery. Hope this helps other women! And yes, it’s almost comical to use at the beginning but as long as you are comfortable with your own body . . . you shouldn’t be afraid to use the Epi-no.